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Don’t Play with Those Kids Down the Street

(Book cover)

This book is now available on Amazon/Kindle .

Don’t Play with Those Kids Down the Street (Book description): "Action Adventure Crime Novel. Follows the tumultuous lives and times of Southern California youths trying to survive and clawing their way to success. Some are altruistic, some villainous, some both."

Rudy reading an excerpt from the Prologue for Don't Play with Those Kids Down The Street. [Video on Youtube]

The Old Kirkham Farm.

What does an assassin do on her vacation? Drawn by tales of her mother's birthplace, Val Keller begins a quest that begins with her family's abandoned farm in North-East Texas.

As an operative for the Office of Naval Intelligence, Val uses her considerable resources to uncover and unravel mysteries surrounding The Old Kirkham Farm. She encounters a host of characters and reaches a new understanding of the grandparent she once hated.

Val expected to be indifferent to the locals and the locale, but instead finds herself solving several mysterious deaths that have given this long-abandoned farm a reputation for being haunted. In the end, Val reaches a new level of understanding and appreciation for the Grandmother she once hated.

The Old Kirkham Farm. is a story of 234 pages. It tells the story of a young search for the truth about her mother and her grandmother's abrupt departure from the family farm in 1923.

Six Months in Spain

A terrible accident during a mid air refueling exercise leaves an American H-Bomb missing somewhere off of the Mediterranean Coast of Spain. Innocent people die. Commander Val Keller, Office of Naval Intelligence race with Eastern Europeans are desperate to find and recover this dangerous device.